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Big Sean‘s music videos lately have been the best I’ve seen in the hip-hop scene lately. Check out his newest video for his single, Dance (A$$). Not only does the video have Nicki shaking what her momma gaver her, but it has a great use of typography and simple shots and cuts.

A B C D.

I’m just going to keep it simple because there’s really not that much to explain. CHECK OUT THIS REALLY COOL VIDEO OF THE ALPHABET BY n9ve. :)

Pressing Words.

I found this absolutely gorgeous video that teaches you, step by step, how to work a letterpress. This is how typography was first done. The video is a nice clash of modern and classic typography from manual letterpress to digital means. via Highsnobiety

Hug, Hug, Kiss, Kiss, Little Kiss.

GOOD Magazine provides us with a infographical video of sorts on the subject of kissing. Using a montage of famous kissing scenes from films throughout the decades, they use awesome typography to teach a few things here and there. Check out the video below and be as depressed as me after.. I mean, be as […]

Superfast Jellyfish.

So I was listening to the Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish and just decided to make something related to it. I remember when I used to create things based on my favorite songs. I think I might start doing that again. So here’s a quick post of something I just put together real quick. I like […]

SUPREME Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian is featured on the cover of the latest issue of W magazine. The magazine features a nude spread of Ms. Kardashian but with her lady parts covered by text designed by the infamous Barbara Kruger, who is also known for her design of Supreme‘s logo. The cover is a great cover that features […]