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Design A Collage.

Stussy brings another collaboration series of t-shirts with artist, James Gallagher. The series of shirts are featured above and are now available online and in Stussy stores. The video below shows the artistic process that went behind this artist series and also the creative process that the artist himself goes through on a daily basis. […]

Upcoming Hundreds Fall.

I absolutely love the new lookbook that the Hundreds released for their upcoming Fall 2011 line. They couldv’e toned down the paper texture a bit, but I know what they were trying to do and love what they came up with still. They should hire me though, I can perfect it. :) Check out the […]

With Great Power.

Stussy drops Series 1 of their Marvel collab on April 27. Since the drop is less than a week away, Stussy has brought us a sneak peek at the line that’s dropping along with a promotional video. The only ones that I’m interested in purchasing at the ones below, the Dr. Doom, Punisher and Logo […]

Hundred SaMos.

The brand-new Hundreds store is Santa Monica finally opened, and apparently was not an April Fool’s joke after all. The Hundreds bring you a video covering the opening and the interior of the store, which goes for an all-white look compared to the all-black of the other stores. I love how the store looks. I […]

International Tribe.

Stussy‘s Seoul chapter has released a lookbook video in a way that is definitely inspired by the street culture and Asia, specifically Korea. The video also features clothing from other streetwear brands such as HUF and the Hundreds. Overall, the lookbook has the same feel as its stateside chapters, but with a splash of that, […]

Oh Bobby.

Its been a while since I updated, but I’ve been lazy with the holidays, but, at the same time, kind of busy. Its been weird. Anyways, once I get back into the working mood around New Years, I’ll be updating this blog more frequently again. Until then, here’s a interview with Bobby Hundreds and Jim […]