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Pipe Dreams.

This post is actually really late, but I still wanted to post it. Converse and Nintendo collaborated on a few pairs of All-Star Chuck Taylor Hi-Top sneakers. The first two of the collaboration dropped last month in July. A couple more drop this month and I’ve posted pictures to show how they look. They look […]

Ballistic Gear.

Continuing with their long going tradition of sneaker collaborations, Undefeated brings you a new collaboration with Converse, which brings a set of high tops, low tops, a backpack, and some badges. I really like the low tops. They dropped last Friday, July 15, at all UNDFTD chapter stores and webstore. via hypebeast

Throwback Kicks.

This is more of a note to myself rather than to you guys so that I don’t forget to check out these when they drop, but Nike is dropping another set of vintage style sneakers. This time its in the form of their Dunk AC with rubber soles, suede upper, and a vintage tongue. They […]

Grey & Suede.

I love, love, love the shoes that the Vans California family has been whipping out. I have a pair myself from ATL‘s Wish. They’re grey ripstop with orange trimmings. I love them. They’re falling apart already though. :( This is what they looked like when they were brand spankin’ new. The Vans California fam brings […]