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Slimy Gastronomy.

The cover for the newest issue of Gastronomica is absolutely beautiful in the grossest way possible. You can purchase the new issue at Tres Bien Shop.

Pixels of Inspiration #3.

This week’s Pixels of Inspiration is brought to you by Mark Todd and his current gallery at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery. Check out his Marvel-inspired work. Its pretty amazing. And as I’m watching this, I’m watching the new Avengers cartoon and holy crap, its amazing. Check it out if you have Netflix! via […]

Pixels of Inspiration #2.

Okay so I epic failed on keeping this a weekly thing, but I’m still going to try. I’m only like 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. weeks behind. Sigh. I’ve also been failing on my personal projects. I haven’t started/finished a single one. Hopefully that changes starting this week. I hope you enjoy this week’s inspirational post! […]

Pixels of Inspiration #1.

Hopefully I can make this an on-going series, but with my track record of how consistently I updated this blog, we’ll see.. Haha anyways, I’m going to try to do weekly posts on images I find and inspire me. Its probably going to be about 5-7 images, so hopefully you guys get some inspiration from […]


The new June/July 2011 cover of Complex (I need to work for them) features Andy Samberg and Rick Ross in classic horror Jaws 2 fashion. Its a pretty sick cover. Check it out below. via Highsnobiety

It’s Finally Here.

After months and months of blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights, its finally almost here. This Thursday is UCLA’s Korean Culture Night 2011: The Space in Between. I have been working on and preparing for this event since back in October. So many sleepless and angry nights haha, but everything is done and all I […]

Future of Da Vinci.

Futura Labs of Futura fame brings us a new series of canvas art prints, which are offered in a multitude of options along with ten different sizes. All of the prints feature the brand’s iconic Pointman over atop a series of Da Vinci prints, which can actually come across as offensive to some people, but […]

I Want To See The Devil.

A poster for Kim Ji-Woon’s bloody thriller, I Saw The Devil, has appeared and man, its a great poster. I want to design one sheets like this. I’ve been leaning toward print work nowdays and starting to really dread doing webwork. Blah. Someone get me some print freelance. This film is apparently running through Sundance […]