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A B C D.

I’m just going to keep it simple because there’s really not that much to explain. CHECK OUT THIS REALLY COOL VIDEO OF THE ALPHABET BY n9ve. :)

Blood Splatter Oranges.

An obviously Saul Bass-inspired intro animation for the show, Dexter, comes to us from Ty Mattson. This is an amazing remake of the classic intro for the show played with the same music. The new season starts next week! YAY! via SlashFilm

Digitalizing Graffiti.

Kinect Graffiti is a digital graffiti tool using “Microsoft Kinect” camera that tracks your body movement in order to create digitized representations of graffiti. via hypebeast

Books of Adventure.

A ex-Pixar animator created an animated AND interactive children’s book that is made exclusively for the iPad. I actually got my hands on an iPad over the weekend and was able to download and test out the app. Its AMAZING. I even showed it to my (almost) two year old nephew and he loved it. […]

Devicing A Plot.

This short film is just essentially a giant advertisement for Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Suite 11, but it is a great advertisement. It is about an aspiring film maker who orders a book on film making and something called the “plot device”. Enjoy. Here’s a “Making Of” video: via SlashFilm

As We Enter.

Damien Marley & Nas bring us a video for their song, Distant Relatives. The video is a beautiful composited piece with amazing visuals. It reminds me of the compositing project I started but never got around to after opening after three image files.. I should probably get back to that. Directed and shot by: NABIL […]

One Year of Life.

My cousin asked me to put together a slideshow video for my nephew’s first birthday. My cousin gathered all the pictures and videos throughout his first year of life and I organized them and put something together to show at the birthday. I think I did this mainly just to get some more video practice. […]


The Walking Dead. One of the most anticipated shows for me EVER. I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED FOR THIS SHOW TO PREMIERE. AAAAAAHHH!! I absolutely love this comic series and its definitely in my top 3. If you guys have never heard of The Walking Dead, its a black and white comic series by Robert […]