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I Want To See The Devil.

A poster for Kim Ji-Woon’s bloody thriller, I Saw The Devil, has appeared and man, its a great poster. I want to design one sheets like this. I’ve been leaning toward print work nowdays and starting to really dread doing webwork. Blah. Someone get me some print freelance. This film is apparently running through Sundance […]

Michael Lee.

When you say Michael Lee super fast, it kind of sounds like 막걸리 (Makkoli), which is pretty much unfiltered rice wine/sake/soju or whatever you prefer to label your typical rice-derived alcoholic liquid. Makkoli is probably one of my favorite alcoholic beverages, especially when its mixed with cider or Sprite. It is so friggin delicious. I […]

Suits and Rap.

Dumbfoundead is probably one of my favorite rappers right now in the industry. I could also be kissing ass right now so that he sees this and hires me. But, honestly, I really do enjoy his stuff a lot. Dumb recently released a music video for a song off his collaborative album, Clockwise, with Wax. […]