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Summertime Swag.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love Stussy, almost to the point where I should work for them (which I would love to do). HIRE ME. Anyways, in time for the summer festivals in Japan (why does Japan always get the coolest exclusives), Stussy has teamed up with Tower Records, Coleman, and MEI on […]

Jizz In My Pants.

Last month, I went to get lunch with some friends at Orochon, the ramen joint famous for their spicy ramen, in Little Tokyo. After grubbing my life away, we stopped by the local Japanese book store. I love Japanese book stores mainly for their magazines. I love the Japanese versions of American magazines like Nylon, […]

Undercover Brother.

I love, love, love the promotional photography and images that the clothing brand, UNDERCOVER, produces for everything they’ve been doing lately. I love the influences from Japanese masked heroes like everyone’s favorite, Power Rangers. I love the creation of their own masked hero, UNDERMAN. They are holding a photographic exhibit in Japan and really wish […]

XXX in Tokyo.

Stussy released a video of their 30th anniversary celebration in Tokyo. The celebration was held at the infamous ageHa nightclub in Tokyo, Japan. Around 4,000 Stussy heads attend the event to watch of Force of Nature, Masterpiece Sound, The King of Diggin’ AKA DJ Muro, Roger Yamaha, Yoon, Nitro Microphone Underground, the stylish Fraser Cooke […]

Black and Neon.

G-Shocks. I love, love, love G-Shocks. I bought my first one just recently on my trip to Japan. Well, actually I had my first one when I was a kid and they first came out. They were the shit back then too. I wish I could find my old one. Casio brings us a new […]

Explicit Content. [Semi-NSFW]

Japanese photographer YONE [NSFW] recently shot photos to promote Rocksmith’s 2010 summer collection. The photos feature clothing from their their 2010 summer capsule collection which was named “Explicit Collection”, check ’em out. These photos feature the tank-top and beanie. Check out these photos and more at Hypebeast