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Gotta catch ’em all.

Pixels of Inspiration #3.

This week’s Pixels of Inspiration is brought to you by Mark Todd and his current gallery at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery. Check out his Marvel-inspired work. Its pretty amazing. And as I’m watching this, I’m watching the new Avengers cartoon and holy crap, its amazing. Check it out if you have Netflix! via […]

Pegs and String.

Stussy‘s new Spring collection includes a series of t-shirts designed in collaboration with Chicago-based artist, Cody Hudson. I never really heard of Cody before, but I’ve definitely seen his work before. Cody Hudson’s work consists of simple drawings and shapes in a very, VERY balanced composition. I love it. Its crazy what he can do […]


Talk about a mindfuck. Inception Poster by Ibraheem Youssef.

Gamers Have Moms Too.

Check out this beautiful comic created for the story of a gamer. Grab a tissue, not the happy kind. via 9GAG

Eat Your Vegetables.

Otherwise they turn out like this. These are illustrations and sculptures by *Scummy on DeviantArt. The concept of what happens if vegetables were turned into animals. Check it out below. via 9GAG