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All I Want For My Birthday.

To start off the new year, I’m showing you guys the first in a series for one of my projects this year. This project was completely stolen inspired by one of my current favorite blogs, Pokexfashion. But I guess mine is a step up from his in the sense that I’m going to be animating, […]

Mr. Goldwatch.

One of my favorite up and coming directors is Jason Goldwatch, mostly for music videos. He released a nice reel to see the kinds of shots he’s been pulling off in all his different videos.

Dumb Right Back.

Dumbfoundead dropped his new music video for the single, BRB, off his new album dropping on 11.1.11. The track was produced by Duke Westlake and features vocals by Andrew Garcia. The video features amazing visuals and very interesting looking characters put against this hypnotic beat and Dumb’s yoda flow. Dumbfoundead is really stepping up with […]

Its That New New.

Okay so I don’t think this is really that new anymore, but some kid named FowL did his 2011 spin on the classic and one of my favorites of all time, Craig Mack’s Flava In Ya Ear. This kid can spit some fire though. Loving it. Maybe I’ll check out some more of his stuff. […]

A King to a God.

The people over at High5Collective made their own unofficial music video for Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s No Church in the Wild from their (amazing) collaboration album, Watch the Throne. via hypebeast

Illuminati Cuties.

Last Friday, Hova and Ye released their collaboration album, Watch the Throne. The hype behind this album was ridiculous because of the two legendary names in hip-hop coming together to bring us an entire album. When they first announced this project, they said it would just be a five track EP, but that slowly grew […]

I Predict an Odd Future.

I’ve heard of these Odd Future kids for a while since they’ve exploded on the hypebeast/design/music scene maybe a little less than a year ago and I probably even ran into them while I was shopping at Supreme on Fairfax, but I’ve just recently grown to like them and their music. A year ago, these […]

Gambino Make It Work.

Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover aka Troy from Community is one of the most talented people out there in the entertainment industry right now. He writes, he acts, he does stand up, and he raps. Glover brings us a music video for his new single, Freaks and Geeks, from his upcoming EP. The music video […]