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Massive Video Update.

Okay so I know I’ve been MIA and not posting the weekly videos on here, but I have been uploading them unto my YouTube account so you can be sure to catch those there every Monday. I’ll post all the ones I haven’t below. I also just recently got around to editing the Dumbfoundead show […]

Project 52: Week 5.

I would like to present to you guys Week 5 of my 52 Project! In case you don’t know, the 52 Project is one of my new projects for the year where I’m going to be taking 5 seconds of video from each day of the week and compiling them into weekly videos. Each video will be roughly 37-38 sec long. […]

Corrisa Furr on Wheels.

So a few months back, I posted a video that I put together for Venaci Wheels with Lisa Kim Flemming. I was also asked to put together another one with footage with the beautiful Corrisa Furr. Just pretty much the same thing as the other one just with a different model. Hope you enjoy!

Video Vixens and Work.

As of late, I’ve been doing a lot of video work. All of them are just for fun pieces in one way or another. Here are two of the latest videos that I’ve worked for mainly personal purposes. Hope you like them! The first is a video I directed and put together for a music […]