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Video Gamies.

Apparently they’re making a documentary on the history and evolution of video game culture. Check out the trailer below, it looks pretty damn interesting, but then again, this is coming from a gamer.


Gotta catch ’em all.

Digitalizing Graffiti.

Kinect Graffiti is a digital graffiti tool using “Microsoft Kinect” camera that tracks your body movement in order to create digitized representations of graffiti. via hypebeast

Pipe Dreams.

This post is actually really late, but I still wanted to post it. Converse and Nintendo collaborated on a few pairs of All-Star Chuck Taylor Hi-Top sneakers. The first two of the collaboration dropped last month in July. A couple more drop this month and I’ve posted pictures to show how they look. They look […]

But, Its-a Me.

So apparently, at most major film festivals, they’ll play mini-short films (these are films even shorter than short films) before each feature. At South by Southwest, they typically tend to play along the lines of funnier films. All of this year’s SXSW bumper films are online for you to watch and one of them is […]

Move Now.

Why do other countries always get better marketing than we do here in the states? Look how much cooler this Norwegian web commercial for the Playstation Move looks compared to anything you’ve seen floating around in the states.

Cute Nerds.

I’m going to ask out my future girlfriend this way.

Amazingly Beautiful.

The first “episode” for Marvel vs Capcom 3. Just watch. Its amazing.