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Gotta catch ’em all.

Fortressing That Team.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese is an animated short directed and created by four students at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands. The animation is directly inspired by the style and art direction of the video game, Team Fortress 2. It took the students about five months to make. Check out the very entertaining, but […]

Take A Big Gulp.

In the new marketing campaign for Nikon, they shot the world’s largest stop-motion animation set with the Nikon N8. The absolutely beautiful animation was shot on location at Pendine Beach in South Wales.

Books of Adventure.

A ex-Pixar animator created an animated AND interactive children’s book that is made exclusively for the iPad. I actually got my hands on an iPad over the weekend and was able to download and test out the app. Its AMAZING. I even showed it to my (almost) two year old nephew and he loved it. […]

My Future Kid Swag.

Opening Ceremony is launching its first ever kidswear collection in collaboration with A Is For Apple. The collection is now available for exclusively available at Opening Ceremony in the states and in select outlets in Hong Kong. I’m going to dress my kids up like this. I can’t wait. :D via hypebeast

Let Me Grab It.

Disney’s live action film, Rocketeer based on the character created by Dave Stevens, was created nearly two decades ago. Animator John Banana (that has to be a fake name) and his team has created a short animation dedicated to both the film and Stevens. This animation is exactly what I imagine an animated version of […]

Hug, Hug, Kiss, Kiss, Little Kiss.

GOOD Magazine provides us with a infographical video of sorts on the subject of kissing. Using a montage of famous kissing scenes from films throughout the decades, they use awesome typography to teach a few things here and there. Check out the video below and be as depressed as me after.. I mean, be as […]

Transoceanic Lovers.

This amazingly beautiful stop-motion piece tells the stories of two characters/creatures that communicate via the ocean from opposite ends of the world. I really hope I can make a piece even remotely close to the amazing execution of this one.