52 Project: Week 4.

This past week included a holiday 3-day weekend, so the video will be covering 6 days for Week 4 in my 52 Project series.

In case you don’t know, the 52 Project is one of my new projects for the year where I’m going to be taking 5 seconds of video from each day of the week and compiling them into weekly videos. Each video will be roughly 37-38 sec long. I’m going to try my best to remember my camera so I can take video on there, but for the days that I forget, the video will probably come from my shitty iPhone video camera (hopefully I’ll be getting a new phone). This project is both for reminiscing purposes and also to just keep myself busy and creative with the shots and footage I take.

This is week 4 of the project and spans from January 22 to January 27! This week was a little boring, but I think I was still able to put something entertaining together for you guys. Thanks for watching guys!

Okay seriously though, I promise I’ll release another Pokefilmz soon.. I finally have a normal week so I’ll probably put some together tomorrow and release them weekly. Its going to be awesome. I think. Probably not.

Damn, this shit tastes like fantastic. -Action Bronson