It’s Finally Here.

After months and months of blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights, its finally almost here. This Thursday is UCLA’s Korean Culture Night 2011: The Space in Between. I have been working on and preparing for this event since back in October. So many sleepless and angry nights haha, but everything is done and all I can do now is sit back and watch. I also worked with Korean Culture Night last year as their graphic designer and I’m back this year as their art director. I’ve had two wonderful and amazing graphic designers working under me, which has really helped me reduce the workload by a good amount, but I still have wanted to shoot myself at times.

The Space In Between is at Royce Hall, UCLA, this Thursday, April 7, 2011 7:00PM. Student tickets are currently out, but you can email us at with your first and last name and how many tickets you need to be on our willcall list. It doesn’t guarantee a spot, but will give you a better chance than showing up and just waiting in line. I hope you guys can make it and enjoy the show! I worked my ass of for this.