I Predict an Odd Future.

I’ve heard of these Odd Future kids for a while since they’ve exploded on the hypebeast/design/music scene maybe a little less than a year ago and I probably even ran into them while I was shopping at Supreme on Fairfax, but I’ve just recently grown to like them and their music. A year ago, these kids were skating outside of Supreme LA and exactly one year later, they’re performing at Coachella with stage cameos by Pharrell.

I guess when I say that I enjoy their music, I can’t really say that. I’ve only listened to the stuff by Tyler the Creator and not really the rest of the gang, but I love their stage presence and how they are on camera and photographs. I find them hilarious. Tyler’s lyrics are mad smart and he seems a little crazy, I dig that. Their production is pretty on spot too. Also, I mean, they rock Supreme. I’m a hypebeast. How can I NOT like them? Hahaha but seriously, they’re a little much, but I think if you listen to them with an open mind and really listen to the music, you’ll enjoy it or at least give them a little respect.

Tyler the Creator‘s music video for Yonkers off his upcoming album, GOBLIN, is crazy. Its filmed so well, but its so simple. I love it. I really want to make a music video like that. So legit.

Tyler and Hodgy Beats performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a while ago too. They performed Sandwiches. Pretty legit, I loved the horror vibe. I also found Mos Def’s little surprise at the end friggin hilarious.

Hopefully you’ll come to love them to because I love them. Lil’ B, on the other hand, I still can’t seem to like. I do find him friggin hilarious though, but more as a joke.. We’ll see.


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    I love OFWGKTA so much, listen to Jack and the Beanstalk off the album Bastard by Tyler, the Creator. It’s dope :)

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    Ah I’ll check it out! If you love OFWGKTA, you should check out my new blog at http://www.iamdashet.com!

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