Unrelated Nonsense.

Well I guess its not completely unrelated, but a fiasco of sorts has occured at my Alma mater. A girl has posted a racist rant about the Asian community at UCLA.

The reason why I say this isn’t completely unrelated to my blog is because I decided to create my own Y U NO GUY meme for this wondrous occasion. I didn’t like how the meme generator turned out so I whipped out my amazing photoshop skills and made my own. Now it seems like its about to go viral along with the video. But oh well, UCLA Y U NO CHING CHONG TING TONG?!

Its also come to my attention that this website is now going to receive at least a tad bit more traffic, so I apologize for my lack of interesting posts and writing skills in advance, but I do hope you find something interesting here! :)