Video Vixens and Work.

As of late, I’ve been doing a lot of video work. All of them are just for fun pieces in one way or another. Here are two of the latest videos that I’ve worked for mainly personal purposes. Hope you like them!

The first is a video I directed and put together for a music video contest, but was, unfortunately, not even close to winning, but let’s not talk about that because it brings unwanted emotions hahaha.

The second is a video I put together for my cousin. It was cut and edited by me. I wish the footage was better, but I didn’t shoot it so I just worked with what I had. I mainly just worked with the motion graphics in the beginning. It was my first time really playing around and putting together some motion graphics, so don’t judge me if its not up to par haha.

I’m working on a second video that’s related to the model one I posted, but this time I’m going to play around with some color correction and other features. I’m also working on a video for my nephew’s first birthday so look out for that. It should be coming soon. Thanks guys for watching!