Black and White.

Okay so since I’ve kind of been on the theme of things I’ve grown up with, I’ll go back to one more. Pokemon Black/White is the newest game in the series for the Nintendo DS. I think the most interesting thing that this game has to offer is the complete revamp of how the world is explored. Instead of a semi-3D angled bird’s eye view of your character and his/her environment, now it is an almost-perfectly 3-D world. The new Pokemon in this game are nothing that interesting. Some of the designs are cute, but for the most part, from what I’ve seen, its nothing special. Especially the three new starter Pokemon, which are fire/grass/water in usual fashion, they’re ugly. I’m still really excited for this game though, check out the new trailer and tell me your thoughts!

On a similar note, here’s a one man band doing the Pokemon theme song!